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Will these four winners please contact me so I can send your prize package? Thank you all for participating. What beautiful images! via @FacebookWatch

Suite T- The Author's Blog: What 2020 Taught Me as a Writer and as a Person ~ ... "When upheaval is the catchword of the day..."

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hope often shows up best against a dark backdrop

The hope that dispels shadows and lights a heart’s dark corners can light your own. You, too, can confidently say, “I can’t unravel. I’m hemmed in hope.”

My prayer is that you will turn the last page of my books with a satisfied sigh. It will bless me if you say, “What a great story!” It will bless me more to hear, “What a great God!”

“Be to me a rock of refuge in which to dwell, and a sheltering stronghold to which I may continually resort…for You are my HOPE; O Lord God, You are my trust…and the source of my confidence.” Psalm 71:3, 5 Amplified Bible

~ Cynthia