Hope Became Tangible at Christmas

We’re such a “Show Me” culture.

SHOW me you love me.

SHOW me you understand what I’m going through.

SHOW me you’re sorry for what you did.

SHOW me I can trust you.

SHOW me you care. Do something!

Missouri (The Show Me State) doesn’t have a corner on the “I need to see it” market. Even those who choose to live by faith are prone to wander off into wondering.

We humans have always had trouble with intangibles in our relationships.


It’s been the same in our relationship with God. We listen to His Words, hear His stories, understand His truths. But the arrival of Jesus on the scene was, in a way, God’s response to a world that cries out, “SHOW me!” God’s divine plan all along, even before Eve and Adam gave us a reason to need a redeemer, was Jesus.

nativity-447767_1920The world had waited so long for a redeemer. Until Christ was born, hope was a promise, but an intangible.

Hope was born in a tangible way at Christmas.

Jesus’s birth proved once again that God keeps His promises—all of His promises. Hope soars when we grasp that concept.

As you walk through this Christmas season, may it be with a renewed understanding that Jesus Christ is proof of God’s love for you. And may you embrace that truth with your whole being.


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